Any Word. Any Way.™
Any Word. Any Way.™ Design. Decorate. Deliver.

Choose from sew and no-sew options, then select your size, font, layout, color, and material.

Preview the selections throughout the process and print your design.

Any Word. Any Way.™ must be ordered in multiples of six.

If you need single quantities, consider Pre-Spaced Text and Numbers.

All templates offer script and block fonts with split front and tail options.

View the Any Word. Any Way. Comparison Chart for an at-a-glance comparison.

Special material finishes with easy placement.

The look of zig-zag stitching without sewing.

The look of zig-zag stitching on patterns without sewing.

Economical option; includes Boxercraft® patterns.

Economical option for a distressed look.

Patterns on twill with or without sewing.

Each letter has its layers pre-assembled for easy layout.

Each distressed letter has its layers pre-assembled for easy layout.

Questions & Answers

Everyone has questions. Tell us yours.

Can I upload my own text logo for use with Any Word. Any Way.?
Any Word. Any Way. is a system of templates designed to simplify the creation of custom lettering. Custom logos cannot be ordered using Any Word. Any Way. If you'd like to use your own logo, our Custom Cut Designs can be created in a variety of materials and styles from your uploaded artwork.
I am trying to order letters with the cloud background, what category do I go in? I'm having difficulty finding it.
The cloud background style may be found in the script styles of any of our Any Word. Any Way. templates.
What is Kiss Cut?
Kiss Cut® pieces are multi-piece designs that come pre-assembled, saving you layout time.
How does my sew disk work?
Ordering a sew disk with your appliqués simplifies the process for you. First a placement stitch will show you where to place the layer of appliqués. This is then secured with a tack-down stitch. The edges of the appliqués and any direct embroidery are then added. If there are multiple layers in the appliqués, each layer will have a placement and a tack-down stitch.
Is there a minimum order for custom cut designs?
Custom Cut and Custom CAD-CUT® orders must be a minimum of six (6) pieces.
Do I have to sew SimStitch?
SimStitch does not need to be sewn, but needs to be applied with a heat press.
What is the difference between Perma-TWILL® and Poly-TWILL?
Perma-TWILL has an adhesive that forms a permanent bond to the fabric once it is heat applied, so there is no need to sew it. The adhesive on Poly-TWILL is used for tacking purposes only. It must be sewn to secure the design to the fabric.
Does Any Word. Any Way.™ come on a carrier?
Most Any Word. Any Way. items are individual pieces that require placement onto the garment before application. If you would like a design to be pre-spaced on a carrier, you will want to order our Any Word. Any Way. CAD-CUT® Custom Text Templates.
I received my Any Word. Any Way.™ order, but I didn’t know that they were all separate pieces. What do I do?
A good tool to help with the layout is the Layout Board. It may take an extra few minutes but the design will look great.

Next time you may want to try Kiss Cut® when ordering twill or pre-spaced for vinyl material. Both arrive pre-aligned for easy placement.

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