Heat Printing Accessories
Heat Printing Accessories Accessories for Heat Presses, Vinyl Cutters, DTG

Protects the upper platen and leaves a smooth semi-glossy finish.

Protects upper platen and leaves a matte finish.

Thin silicone rubber pad can be used in place of a cover sheet.

Provide an elevated print area and solid surface for even pressure.

For use with buttons, seams, and zippers.

Cool your designs quicker with this wool eraser.

Essential heat printing tools, all in one kit.

Protect your heat press and garments.

Reduce platen imprints on performance wear.

Protects the bottom platen from wear and tear.

Temperature strips check accuracy of heat press temperature.

For pre-2014 Hotronix and MAXX heat presses.

For 2014 and later heat presses with quick-change lever platens.

Make it easy to decorate caps of any size.

Any shape or size platen you need.

Makes Hotronix® and MAXX® clam presses threadable, portable, and adjustable.

Convenient trays for garments and heat transfer materials.

Ensure consistent placement with every print.

Hit your heat printing target every time.

Adjust the depth of vinyl cutter blades.

Replacements for all of your cutting needs.

Provides a clean cut with thicker materials.

Smooth curves when cutting.

Increases production capacity when cutting.

Cleaning supplies and other accessories for printer/cutter maintenance.

Specifically formulated for Roland print/cut systems.

Developed by Epson for use with the SureColor F2000 printer.

A must-have for printing white ink with your SureColor F2000.

Pre-mixed fluid for any DTG printer.

Keep your SureColor F2000 in top working order.

Questions & Answers

Everyone has questions. Tell us yours.

Why is a cover sheet necessary?
A cover sheet not only protects your garment, it also protects your upper platen from stains, inks, adhesives, and scratches.
When would I use a flexible application pad?
The flexible application pad is made from a thin rubber silicone. Use this to cover any item that has buttons, zippers, or snaps to avoid scratching the upper platen of your heat press.
My heat press is older and I think it might have cold spots. How do I know?
Heat press cold spots are the leading cause of application error. Use the Heat Press Test Kit to verify if your heat press is performing properly.
How long will my cover sheet last?
The life of a cover sheet depends on how often you use it and if it's stored and cared for properly. Reusable Cover Sheets are more durable and can last several months. Kraft Cover Sheets are for short-term use.
What is the difference between Heat Printing Pillows and Print Perfect Pads?
Both products are helpful for heat application when working with items that have seams, collars, buttons, or zippers. They lift the print area of your substrate, making the surface smooth and even. This is critical to a successful application.

Heat Printing Pillows have a foam center core covered with a non-stick sheet and are best used for inserting between layers of mesh jerseys.

Print Perfect Pads are made from silicone rubber and are more rigid. They are ideal for placing inside pocket areas of clothing or bags. They can be cut down to fit the size of the item being printed.
What can be used to cool my heat transfer materials after application?
A heat eraser will help to cool your application.
Why am I seeing lint on my heat applied transfer after using the heat eraser?
When using the heat eraser, make sure to rub the garment with the cover sheet still in place.
I would like a custom platen. How much do they cost?
Custom platen costs are based on the type of customization that is needed. You can contact Stahls' Hotronix® directly at 800-727-8520 for price inquiries or a quote.
How do I keep my Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector clean?
Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth - it will wipe clean easily.
Can I use the Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector on the upper platen?
The lower platen protector will not fit on the upper platen, so we offer the heat press upper platen cover for purchase.
How do I clean and store my Reusable Cover Sheet?
You can wipe your Reusable Cover Sheet with a damp cloth and store it in a flat area to prevent any creasing or wrinkles.
Why are there so many blades from which to choose? Can I just use one type?
The different types of blades match the various materials in the industry. For example, twill and flock are thicker and are fabrics, so they'll require a different blade than thinner materials will. The angle of the blade is different from one to the next, which is key for obtaining clean cuts.

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