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Apparel Policies

Private Label Apparel Sales Policies

Effective September 2020

Stahls’ Canada requires that all authorized customers ("you" or "authorized customer") strictly adhere to its sales policies for

  • all Port Authority®, Port & Company®, Sport-Tek®, CornerStone®, District®, and Allmade® apparel and accessories (hereinafter referred to as "Private Label").

The current policy for Private Label products is as follows:

1. Stahls’ Canada will sell Private Label products (“Private Label Products” or “Products”) only to authorized customers who, in the sole discretion and judgment of Stahls’ Canada:

(a) do not advertise, promote, distribute, sell or market in any way that disparages, misrepresents or injures Private Label Products; and
(b) do not distribute or sell products employing any illegal, deceptive, undesirable, or improper advertising, marketing or selling practice, including predatory or "loss leader" pricing, bait and switch, or negative selling practices.

2. You may not advertise or promote the Products or cause the Products to be advertised or promoted at prices discounted more than 20% for Private Label, below (i) the prices coded on an "A" or (ii) double the case prices on Stahls’ Canada’s published wholesale price list.

3. Stahls’ Canada may advertise all or select Private Label Products at discounted/promotional prices. If so, you may not promote or advertise Products at prices discounted more than 20% for Private Label from the discounted/promotional prices advertised by Stahls’ Canada, when coded on an "A".

4. If Stahls’ Canada believes, in its sole judgment, that you have failed to comply with the policy or policies stated herein, it may provide you with written notice of the same. Stahls’ Canada may, upon delivery of such written notice to you, stop selling Private Label Products to you or terminate the relationship.

5. Stahls’ Canada requires all customers to allow Stahls’ Canada access to their company website in the same manner allowed to the general public. Blocking Stahls’ Canada from your company site may result in Stahls’ Canada discontinuing sales to you.

This sales policy is not a contract, nor an offer to form a contract. Stahls’ Canada is not asking for and will not accept any agreement affirming your compliance with this policy. This policy simply describes the circumstances under which Stahls’ Canada may, in its sole discretion, choose to continue selling Private Label Products to you.

Stahls’ Canada representatives are strictly prohibited from discussing this sales policy or any other pricing practice with you, and from seeking or accepting any assurance of compliance with this policy. All questions regarding this Policy shall be directed, in writing, to Stahls’ Canada, Attn: Legal Department, 25901 Jefferson Avenue St. Clair Shores, MI 48081.

Stahls’ Canada does not seek any comment or criticism from you about the pricing or advertising practices of any other authorized customer. Stahls’ Canada will not, under any circumstances, discuss the business dealings of any authorized customer with any other authorized customer. Stahls’ Canada reserves the right to change, amend, or discontinue this sales policy at any time, and no third party has any right to rely on the continued existence of this policy, or any act or omission by Stahls’ Canada to enforce this sales policy. Stahls’ Canada may elect not to enforce advertising price policies for high volume orders.

Stahls’ Canada reserves the right to modify or amend these policies unilaterally, at any time or from time to time. Please See Terms & Conditions for Stahls’ Canada website Terms and Conditions of Use.