Kiss Cut® Appliqué Distressed

Vintage looks come pre-aligned.

Conveniently order and apply text with a distressed look without worrying about letter alignment. Sewing is required.

  • 1 and 2-colour options available
  • Choose from 6 distress selections
  • Items will arrive with the foreground tacked down to the background with pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Pressure-sensitive materials include chino twill and acrylic felt
  • Note: Sew files require embroidery capabilities
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Overlap Split Front

The Overlap Split Front comes with Velcro® fasteners which replace the covered button and allows for easy positioning.

Extension Split Front

Simple extension between letters.


When applying a heat transfer material, you will need to cut the material to fit the split on your garment.

Custom Overlap

Artwork is customized to fit the vertical distance between buttons or snaps.


When ordering a split front you will need to know the distance between the seams of the zipper or whether the buttons on the garment are on the left or the right.


Connected Capital - capital letter is connected to the rest of the word

Non-connected Capital - capital letter is not connected to the rest of the word

Regular Background - most cavities are removed


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