EZ Weeder®

Get your cut design ready for printing.

  • Remove negative spaces from your cut designs
  • Easily pull excess heat transfer vinyl from even the most detailed design cavities
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  • Use with heat transfer and digital heat transfer materials
  • Use Weeding Tweezers to pluck out cavities in a design

Average Customer Rating

(based on 7 reviews)
 Gotta Have IT!!!
Reviewed by Valarie Rodd 5/24/2017 11:29:35 AM

This is the best weeder tool EVER! A "MUST HAVE" for any media that needs weeding. Don't waste your money or time on any of the cheaper knockoffs. Time is money and this tool lets you breeze thru weeding almost effortlessly.

 Simply the Best
Reviewed by Kyle Aultman 5/1/2017 10:49:21 AM

I haven't found one yet that is better, so I stopped looking. Completely satisfied

 The Best Tool for Weeding!
Reviewed by Emily Gauthier 4/7/2017 1:28:45 PM

This was the first weeding tool I ever bought and it works great. I saw some cheaper ones somewhere else, they aren't even close to being the same! They're junk! This one has a much sharper point which makes weeding a breeze!!

 None better
Reviewed by Jean Badovinac 1/9/2017 1:49:54 PM

I have many different weeders. They look like the EZ weeder with different colored handles. Absolutely nothing compares to the EZ weeder. It has a sharper point, so everything comes out on the first try! Everytime I order from Stahl's, I add one more to my stash. ( I can never find them.) And I don't want to have to use one of the other brands. I always go for the blue first, because it is the gold standard of weeders.

 Great Tool
Reviewed by Ted 12/1/2016 1:47:56 PM

Works great on thicker material, pretty good with thin stuff (can rip if you go too fast). When weeding Thermofilm or Sport Film Lite you can get at least 10 pieces stacked up before having to clear them off. Saves us from breaking all the tips on our Xacto No 11 blades. Totally worth it.

Reviewed by Cliff Addy 8/13/2016 5:59:43 PM

I was, to say the least, very skeptical about the Easy Weeder, especially at that price. However, after weeding just a few jobs, it's pretty much the only tool I use. I tend to use it backwards from what's shown in the video, pushing away at a shallow angle. The Easy Weeder easily grabs the vinyl and, more importantly, doesn't let it go. I have a bad habit of dropping weeded pieces back onto the artwork, often ruining it. With the Easy Weeder, once it slides into the vinyl I roll the tool and the vinyl's securely hooked. Haven't had a single drop. I've tried a couple of other tools like this and they were either ineffective (Silhouette) or really uncomfortable (dental picks). The EW's soft handle is comfortable while giving you a good grip. Make no mistake, the EW is pricy. But it's *so* much better than anything else I've used it's actually a bargain.

Reviewed by Debra Romalia 11/21/2015 1:38:24 PM

Best tool ever.

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