Laser Engraver Accessories

For the LaserPro X252, C180, and Spirit LS.

Keep your CO2 laser engraver running smoothly with these optional accessories. Help secure items for engraving and ensure safe use for the worker and the environment.
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Available Accessories
  • Purex Fume Extraction System Alpha 400

    Keep your workplace and the environment safe with this extraction system. Using specially designed filters to capture particles and fumes produced by laser engraving, the system:

    • Helps prevent damage to your laser engraver
    • Protects machine operators and other personnel from hazardous fumes
    • Maintains a constant air extraction rate


    Purex Fume Extraction System Alpha 400
  • XBASE 400 Extractor

    Extract hazardous laser fumes and particles with this easy-to-install, quiet extraction system. Features include:

    • Electronic flow control, ensuring a constant extraction rate
    • HEPA filter removes 99.997% of particles down to 0.3 microns
    • Patented Labyrinth pre-filter capture larger particles, extending the life of the HEPA filter
    • Can be housed underneath or on top of the laser engraver


    XBASE 400 Extractor
  • Seklema Tablemats

    Engineered for engravers that require non-clamp hold-down of materials.

    • Double-sided: One side sticks to laser bed while other side holds the material to be engraved in place
    • Self-healing surface won't be ruined by small cuts
    • Easy to remove, but won't slip or move during operation
    • Easy to clean and store

    Two sizes available:
    16" x 24" - $264.50
    24" x 24" - $396.75

    Seklema Tablemats


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