Create custom appliqué designs.

Thermo-Adhesive features a patented adhesive that can be applied to Stahls' uncoated Twill materials to make professional-looking patches, emblems, and appliqué.
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If using material that tends to fray, edges should be sewn with a zig-zag stitch after applying the adhesive
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User Guide

1-Colour Application Instructions

Time Tack adhesive side down with the fabric/patch facing upward for 3 seconds. Cool completely and remove paper. Affix adhesive side to garment, cover and heat apply 5-15 seconds.
Temperature 350°F/177°C
Pressure Medium

Care Instructions
Machine wash inside-out using mild detergent.
Do not use bleach. Dry at a normal dryer setting on household machines. Do not dry clean.
Store in a cool and dry area around 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit with 50% relative humidity. Keep away from direct heat, sunlight and humidity. Recommended shelf life is one year.


Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating
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Reviewed by Robert Schultz 7/1/2014 1:52:26 PM

We used a similar product from McLogans, and it worked pretty well, but the price per yard was a little steep, and it was only 19" in width. This allows us to cut 6 12" circles in a yard for a very fair price. We work with a ton of adhesives, this proofed simple to cut, and weed. Great product

Reviewed by James 2/14/2013 1:25:33 PM

I finally received some foil orders! I told my customers i can do foil, i physically never did it but i told them i could. They ordered 75 foil shirts. I viewed several ways that it could be done on stahls YouTube channel, so i went with the thermo adhesive. I was very skeptical on cutting and weeding it. I ordered the hot pink foil and gold! I received the product and went to work. My customers said the it were actually better than the screen printing technique they received before. The foil material meshed in the shirt and was very vibrant! I am happy with this product. The only hang up with it is you have to be very precise on your blade depth just right (45 degree blade). Once you master that you will love using thermo adhesive! Thanks STAHLS!

 cant understand what kosmo is trying to say!
Reviewed by james 2/11/2013 2:33:55 PM

I had all kinds of glitter product that does the same thing "rolls up while cutting it", all you have to do is hold the product down with your hand while your cutting it. If the only problem is rolling up then why is it horrible? Kosmo before you write a review please read what your saying before you submit it. You can also cut sections and turn the product sideways before cutting it. Improvise folks!

Reviewed by Kosmo 2/8/2013 4:27:38 PM

Agree with John review HORRIBLE product wasted our time,it rolls up which ever you try it than when you weeding it what ever logo/worlds it comes up, don't waste your time and Money.

Reviewed by John 1/28/2013 10:20:53 AM

This product is horrible,When you try cutting it before its placed in the cutter it rolls up and when you try placing it in the cutter it rolls up and when your weeding it it rolls up. Horrible,Horrible.

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