CAD-COLOUR® Translide® Clear Laser Transfer Paper

Decorate hard goods with full colour graphics.

Create your own waterslide decals using a laser printer. Decorate glass, ceramic, metal, wood, plastic, and other hard goods to create full colour custom keepsakes and promotional products.
  • Applies to hard goods using water submersion - no heat involved
  • Easy to apply
  • An economical way to decorate hard goods
  • Great way to expand your product offerings to include promotional and recognition items
  • For use with colour laser copiers and printers with or without fuser oil
Note: Stahls' recommends that a U/V sealant spray is applied before water submersion to enhance the durability of the decal.
Pricing is per sheet. Must be ordered in multiples of 25.
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User Guide
Application Instructions
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  • Use multi-function tray (if applicable)
  • Do not use mirror image setting
  • Choose option to feed from back of the printer for straight feedthrough
Seal:     Once design is dry, apply U/V sealant spray generously and allow to dry
Submerge:     Cut out image area and submerge decal into lukewarm water for 30 seconds
  • Slide the image off of the carrier sheet and onto the substrate
  • Position as required
  • Remove air and water bubbles using a soft piece of paper or rubber squeegee
  • Dry the decal using a hair dryer and pat down with a dry cloth
  • Let material dry for at least one hour before handling
  • If applying onto ceramic, metal, wood, or glass, place substrate in oven and bake at 300° for 30-120 minutes

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